April 25

Why Sex is not a Beer

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Let’s talk about SEX… Tantric Sex.

The Tantras are ancient Buddhist/Hindu sacred scriptures that include spiritual teachings like yoga, meditation, mantras and rituals for social life, love and SEX.

Yes, unlike what occidental religions have taught us, sex can be a spiritual practice. And as any other practice of its type, it’s undertaken to achieve spiritual fulfillment.

TAN means ‘expansion‘, TRA means ‘liberation‘. So what tantric teachings suggest is that by cultivating a state of full presence in all of what we do in life, we may access cosmic consciousness, which leads us to ultimate freedom. And such awareness practice must include our minds, bodies and souls of course!

Ever heard the phrase: ‘MAKE LOVE, NOT PORN’ ???

While there’s nothing wrong with a little porn-style sex here and there, this phrase really implies some tantric (expansion-liberation) wisdom; meaning, the western world is pretty much only familiar with the stimulation-erection-ejaculation idea of sex. And I personally find this underrated concept very offensive for the true healing power that sex has to offer in all and every areas of our lives.

I remember being told as a child, in my all-girl catholic school that ‘sex was dirty‘, ‘a sin‘, ‘a taboo‘; but for some reason I never bought into those ideas, I always knew in my heart, sex was sacred. Guess I’m an old soul! 😅✨

From my perspective, you can only choose between the cheap ‘disconnected‘ version of sex that only buys you a few ephemeral orgasms during a drunken casual sex night, or the uber luxurious ‘connected‘ experience of sex paradise, where as eternity in heaven, sexual bliss lasts forever.

Disconnected sex leaves you feeling drained, empty and unsatisfied, forcing you to do it again and again and again. Even when you have a partner, if that is the only way in which you are approaching sexual union, it just gets old one day.

Sexual union is meant to be a sublime practice for body, mind and soul exaltation of those being involved. But if one keeps using sex the same way we use a beer to relieve tension, then that’s all we’ll get out of it: a superficial short-term soothing experience.

Our sexual power influences everything we do/think/say, it’s our primal force, our fuel for creativity. Therefore, the importance of learning how to keep it healthy and vigorous.

Many men these days are experiencing a gap between the high creative capacity they know themselves to have and the very low or average results they’re producing in the world that do not match their caliber as individuals at all. There is a strong relationship between this phenomenon and the way they’re handling their sexual energy, of course.

Sexual union is definitely one of the greatest gifts we have received as part of our human being experience. And it’s definitely important to shed some light on a topic that has been kept under the dark for too long already. Just like Tantra exemplifies, many ancient cultures knew there was no shame in having a body and no guilt in desiring to experience pleasure as a growth-oriented experience. However, they understood it as sacred and as part of a higher cosmic purpose.

The way we have been using sex in our modern world has depleted our spirits. It has made us less of who we truly are and it’s time to stop playing so small. We’re powerful beyond measure, but we cannot exercise such power unless we become whole.

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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