June 17

Why Mermaids’ spiritual calling is luring Men to death

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There’s an ancient myth about mermaids. Not only are they described by humans as excruciatingly beautiful, but also as alluringly perilous; for it’s a mermaid’s spiritual calling to lure Men to their death.

This myth is closer to reality than we can imagine. The divine feminine’s most sacred function is seducing the masculine, extending him a charmingly subtle invitation –that he won’t have the power to resist– to die and be reborn, but not on his own and definitely not for her own benefit either, but for a purpose greater than themselves. The wild feminine calls the masculine to renounce to his individuality and unite in intimate communion with her. The wise feminine trusts alchemy, she knows ego’s death is a required step that will birth the real self. She knows love is the only gateway to freedom, while the young masculine can tend to think freedom is only obtained when not entangled in love, until he dies to such innocent ignorance and allows himself to be born to the mature true power of his innate generous heart.

What happens between physical birth and death is what humans call life, and paradoxically, life is nothing but a series of non-physical deaths and rebirths that bring us closer to remembering that who we truly are and what we came, incarnated as humans, to this planet for. This process is a result of our inner feminine and masculine energies, creating and destroying –or better said, creating and transforming– all of what we’re not.

On the physical plane, whether asleep or awakened, there’s a mermaid archetype in every feminine woman on earth, yearning to ignite her masculine man’s heart through his surrender to his own death. The mermaid isn’t a fearless creature, for she’s aware of the pain of transformation and she’s experienced it many times, herself; however, her devotion for love is greater than her fears. She’s not a killer, for she doesn’t stab a man to death even though she’s certain he’ll resurrect; rather, she lovingly and respectfully tempts him to be himself who’ll grab the gun, point it to his own head and pull the trigger in the name of love. And while he transitions from demise to renascence, the mermaid sings the songs that will guide her man’s soul to his new home of two, who have just become one.

May you allow yourself to hear and answer your mermaid’s calling, dear Men; the one within and the one without.

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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  1. In a way past relationships that failed. ..rip your heart out …you die! …and reborn again in the search of love

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