July 6

We shall rise

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It’s almost like a Shamanic knowing… a clear vision when I close my eyes. The apparent lack of evidence of Men and Women reuniting in the outer world is only a temporary illusion. Underneath it, strong roots are growing out of the love seeds many of us came to sow and water until their awaited emergence. I can’t but know that we shall rise; even on those days when my faith is fragile and the pain is too loud, I can’t but mildly smile, boldly inhale and while holding my breath, remind myself that we will make it through.

Our current generation of young adults is the pride of our ancestors and the hope for those who are to come after us. We were born out of the pain of separation, we witnessed our wounded parents hurt themselves and hurt us, we damaged others and got damaged by others in their names. Enough is enough, we’ve gotten our bitter taste of the mistakes of the past and we’re ready to pave a sweeter path towards the future.

Nobody’s to blame, but definitely we’re to make ourselves responsible for this change. It won’t happen on its own and it won’t happen overnight, but it can definitely occur faster and better if we consciously choose to be participants. The best way to support this movement for union between Men and Women is to start becoming people who possess the level of maturity to hold the space for communion within ourselves, among our relationships, in our homes, jobs, communities, etc. It’s very well known that example speaks louder than a thousand truths.

Artist: Louis Dyer

The time has come for Men and Women to reclaim their wholeness, this is not a war between the sexes, as much as it is a spiritual battle for humanity’s liberation. We’re not supposed to be fighting against each other, but for each other and with each other. For centuries Men and Women have been divided for survival matters, a well-intentioned strategy to preserve life, for sure. There are no foes, our only enemy is fear of change; we’re confronting history, an outdated value system that may have been of service in the past but that is making our lives way too miserable now.

In the last fifty years, however, evolution has been making an obvious call. Perhaps as a consequence of the feminine empowerment movements, more and more human beings are waking up to the notion that it’s possible to have it all: a fulfilling and prosperous career that is a reflection of one’s life purpose and a fulfilling emotional connection to one’s self, one’s loved ones and the planet itself. This is not only possible, it’s our birthright!

So, please don’t hold on to the old, my dearest brothers and sisters. Let go of your resistance and embrace the luxury of purpose, abundance and intimacy we all deserve. Be brave and give yourselves and the world the gift of a new possibility, an actual way to live in flow, balance and harmony while connected to it all.

And so we shall rise.

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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