July 11

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“The great work doesn’t end just because there is a pandemic…

The World needs YOU Now!”– was the calling Spiritual Teacher and Sacred Activist Dr. Bernard Alvarez shared with lightworkers on his facebook page a few days ago.

In the midst of COVID-19 many people lost their jobs or were sent home to bear with an involuntary vacation period; but for us professionals whose work is focused on preserving the emotional, physical and mental well-being of our clients, there’s actually more work than there was before… and the world needs us now more than ever, as well. 

However, there are certain new rules to the game if we truly want to be of service. We can’t continue just doing the old and hoping these strategies to work in the new world that is unfolding after the pandemic. 

The fact that some churches and businesses are re-opening their doors, that eventually children will go back to school and that our wild young neighbors will start throwing parties again soon, doesn’t mean we can act as though “nothing happened” during this confinement period where collective trauma has exponentially reached the surface.

Trauma is spread collectively, but it is also healed collectively. I remember reading in Dr. Peter Levine’s famous book “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” a description of how prey animals would gather to support each other as a herd, to heal their traumatic experience after having suffered an attack from a predator. And I truly believe, that at some level the planet has unleashed and encouraged the viral, financial, racial, social and spiritual predators to attack us without mercy, so that we finally look at all that has craved for our individual and collective attention way too long: financial, social and racial inequality, political injustice and corruption, the detrimental effects of pollution and wildlife extinction, etc. –just to name a few of those unresolved issues.

Let me be honest… I’m a very privileged human being. Right when the lock-down started I found myself with decent money savings, having sold all my belongings, planning to travel the world, not tied to a lease or any financial commitment. I’m young, single, never married, no kids, well-educated. I could’ve easily just watched Netflix and eaten ice-cream in my pajamas lying on my parents couch for three to four months.  But some wisdom within me made me see that If I was not meant to travel soon, and If I had the financial means, the time and the energy to do something that could enable me to thrive while helping others thrive, I might as well want to at least give it a shot.

So as my personal contribution during lock-down, I chose to create a Gender Consciousness Online Summit, in which I wanted to address the sex war that has been going on for way too long already; keeping families broken, raising wounded children who turn into un-whole adults, who just continue repeating the painful cycle with their own partners and offspring generation after generation. That’s where I met Dr. Jed Diamond, not only an honorable human, but also a 50+ year pioneer and author of 16 books on Men’s Health, as well as the founder of MenAlive. For years he has supported men and the people who love them to live fulfilling lives, filled with purpose and connection.

As for the Gender Consciousness Summit, he generously agreed to record a conversation titled: “Transitioning from a Domination-based Civilization into a Partnership-oriented Culture”  in which he took us on a journey from ancient tribal times to our modern individualism.

Dr. Jed illuminated the in-between moment in which we are caught up today, and extended an invitation for us, conscious men & women who wish to be agents of change to start paving the path towards a new future where we can reclaim our human partnership-orientation and transform domination into new ways of leadership, based in models of collaboration and alliance!

The former being exactly where we, healthcare professionals, fit into the puzzle. It’s in our hands to forge these new models and show our clients what is possible for them as individuals, for their partnerships, their families and communities. It is in our hands to collaborate with other professionals if we want to have a true impact beyond our personal limitations. It is in our hands to be the trailblazers… let’s be honest, most of us are in different levels very privileged during these unprecedented times of chaos. We can opt for telework, we can work from home or while living the digital nomad lifestyle, we can reach people worldwide, and as Dr. Diamond words it: we can learn how to work more efficiently, earn more and stress less. When I realized this about myself, I didn’t only feel fortunate; but a huge sense of responsibility came in as well. Beginning March, I thought “If I’m this privileged during a planetary pandemic, there must be something important I’m meant to do; and so the Universe is taking such good care of me, for me to be able to just do it” … and right now, 4 months later, I’m absolutely certain it is so… And so it is for you, my dear colleagues!

If you’ve read this far, you are the type of POWERFUL SOUL this calling is meant for, and therefore I would love to extend a very special invitation to you that was extended to me by a powerful human spirit as well 🙂

The Diamond Certification Program is an exclusive opportunity for 25 healthcare professionals who seek to THRIVE in the post COVID-19 era while helping their clients thrive as well. If you feel called to be part of a select group of successful people who’re ready to join forces and uplift their gifts of service to the world into the next level, consider watching the following short videos and listen to what Dr. Jed Diamond has to offer you. Following the videos you can get more detailed information and receive his ebook “Your Best and Brightest Career for the Post Covid-19 World” for FREE.

This opportunity is definitely not for everyone, but it is for those who understand that their current privilege is meant to be used for powerful healing purposes in the world –and you also deserve to be well reciprocated for using your energy in such way. If the start of a worldwide pandemic didn’t stop you from being of service to humanity and the end of it won’t stop you either, then you too are meant to be supported by an unstoppable mentor like Dr. Jed Diamond. Click here to know more about how to partner with him.

Love & Respect, 

PS. I already said YES! to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hope to see you on the other side 😀

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