April 21

The Return of the Wild Woman and the Wild Man

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Humans were born in the wild. Humans were born to be wild. Wilderness is our true nature. Nature is our true home. Home is what we yearn for.

Much is said about the Wild Woman as an archetype of a female who has obtained her highest level of sexual freedom, alchemizing her feminine and masculine energies into her true power and using it to fully express her authenticity in the challenges and pleasures of life. She is a FREE woman, she is a WHOLE woman, SHE IS.

The Wild Woman has a brave open curious heart full of yearning for adventure, mystery and unknowingness. She remains connected to it at all times, and through her intuition her sensitivity is hightened. She feels it all, dancing with the shadow as well as with the light. She is the nurturer, the transformational muse, the flow of life in herself. And the elements that keep her alive are love and freedom: she can only be free when she loves and she can only love when she’s free.

Little is said about the Wild Woman’s beloved: the Wild Man. No one seems to remember him anymore. Not even most men. The Wild Man is still very much asleep. But the awaked Wild Women keep singing, calling his name, luring him to return and play with them like back in the old times.

The Wild Man is an honorable leader. In his fierce heart lies his integrity. In his potent soul lies his drive. He’s the protector of love, the supporter of freedom, the guardian of justice, the direction of expansion. He is consciousness in himself, certainty in the unpredictability of life, his knowing is unquestionable. He is the penetrator, the seeder, the challenge seeker and solver. He can only feel alive when he’s respected, but he can only feel respected when he’s purposeful. Purpose and respect are his sustenance. He is a SOVEREIGN man, he is a WHOLE man, HE IS.

The Wild Woman is a high-level woman. The Wild Man is a highly-evolved man. The highest calling of a Wild Woman is to awaken the Wild Man. What a high-level woman desires from a man is exactly how he most longs to experience himself: fully in his presence. A Wild Man can only recognize himself as such, when he’s completely immersed in the entire expression of who he truly is. Therefore, there’s a paradoxical need for men to loosen up their resistance towards their women’s constant invocations.

So, while they might seem different from one another, these raw men and women are not opposed but complimentary. Together the fullest expression of life is revealed. One honors the other. And what brings them together is the primal trait they have in common: their wilderness. Together they can be wilder. And humans were born to be wild. Wilderness is our true nature. Nature is our true home. Home is what we yearn for.

With love and respect,

MaLe Corona <3

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