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The Masculine Shadow is part of the Masculine Light

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A shadow is a reflection of whatever is obstructing the light, however, in order to perceive a shadow there has to be light!… Or better said, shadows do not exist in darkness. A shadow is indeed a particular space that receives less light because there is something standing between the source of light and the area that’s being illuminated.

Our own emotional shadows are nothing but places within us that are receiving less love (light) because there is something obstructing the flow, usually such blockages are mere illusions that come from mistaken thoughts we keep holding to in our minds.

Art by @tinamariaelena on IG

The masculine shadow refers to emotional wounds that the Patriarchal system has inflicted into most men and due to unconscious attachment to such imposed limiting beliefs, those wounds have failed to heal up to this date.

Historically, women were told they couldn’t have a voice; but men were told they couldn’t have a heart.

For years, males have been shamed every time they have dared to express their feelings, creating as a result little wounded boys that hide behind the masks of grown up cold-blooded men.

The only way to heal the masculine shame is by shedding more light over the shadow: first, by acknowledging that the wounds exist, and second, by starting to transform the limiting beliefs that are obstructing the flow of love into those male hearts.

Most men have tried to get rid of their wounds by ignoring them, by mentally convincing themselves they’re stronger than the pain and that as long as they don’t look within, they’ll be fine. Unfortunately, this has only perpetuated the hurt and heightened the disconnection with themselves and others.

Sadly, women have also contributed to this masquerade due to fear. When confronted with their wounds, most men’s first responses are anger and aggression. And since many women are still carrying the vestigial belief that their voice is not meant to be heard, they give up in their intents to face their men with their inner painful realities; on the other hand, there are also very wounded women who misinterpret the right to use their voice with the right to be offensive and hurtful, and therefore, their approach to communicate with the masculine shadow has not only proved to be inefficient, but also has often caused way more closure and contraction in males.

Men ought to become aware of their shadows, and they too have to be the first ones willing to address the pain. Women can follow by learning how to be of true service to men while they navigate this healing transition.

As Terrence Real, an expert in men & women relationships, suggests: ‘women have to open their throats and men have to open their hearts‘, but definitely both genders have to make sure they first set the intention of reconciling and restoring the healthy energetic flow between them so that those female throats and those male hearts may really create space for true healing intimacy.

My dearest Men, the only way out is through…. May you allow yourselves to feel the pain of having being forced to disconnect from your hearts so that you may purge those old wounds and make up space for a new and true communion experience.

And so it shall be…

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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