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The Feminine within the Male

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I’ve been dancing to my ‘Erotic Lounge’ Spotify playlist for a few more minutes than I should as a way to procrastinate over writing this entry. I swear I’m not kidding.

It’s very scary to talk to Men about… ugggh … yes … their … f.e.m.i.n.i.n.e.

And I’m actually guessing it’s gonna be way scarier for you guys to hear me talk about it, indeed. So I apologize in advance for the goosebumps and all that.

So, going back. Yup. There’s a feminine energy living (or trying to survive, in many cases) within yourself… Wait! Don’t go see your facebook feed, let me at least explain myself!

Every living thing on earth, even earth itself and probably the whole universe, is made up of two fundamental life forces: the masculine and the feminine. You might have already heard about these two energies as ‘order and chaos’, or ‘yin and yang‘, or even that Star Wars ‘the force and the dark side’ kind of thing… so the concept is basically the same.

Life is indeed embedded in a very dynamic duality. Hence, why most enlightened masters talk about finding the way to live in ‘the middle’ or ‘the center’ of existence. Now, I honestly have a personal problem embracing that idea, because to me staying in the middle would mean living in a state of ‘neutrality’…. and for my wild spirit, neutrality equals not a lot of fun. Hah!

However, a few years ago, I was so desperate to find peace in my life that I did try that Neutrality thing. It was ok for a while, but what really made me come back to life was learning to play with my masculine and feminine polarities! I suddenly discovered that experiencing life in this new way felt like dancing, having a flirty conversation or playing a fun game of seduction between my inner masculine and feminine energies all day long, which could then be projected into my relationships with others and even, my relationship with the universe! –because btw, life is actually trying to seduce us, so why not seduce her back? 😉

Smart & Sexy, huh?

So yes, I am suggesting that whether one is a Male or a Female, we each have two inner life forces that are usually seen as opponents instead of as teammates. Thus, not only do we experience a division between let’s say: our emotions and our thoughts, our dreams and our reality, our freedom and our purpose, etc. but we also tend to hold on to only one of the sides, completely ignoring the other. And this is one of the main reasons why many people feel incomplete or unfulfilled these days. Like something is missing, literally!

The universe is vast… we’re not meant to live in an ‘either, or’ state. We’re actually entitled to abundance… to wholeness… and that means that we can and should embrace the idea of having it all.

A whole man knows he can be masculine and feminine in a very dynamic way. He consciously chooses to balance his energies to the percentages that serve the moment. Let’s say he might choose to be 70% masculine and 30% feminine during his work’s meeting allowing him to be mainly present, focused, straightforward, act as a leader, but at the same time his 30% of feminine energy let’s him be empathic, and open to the ideas that others are sharing during the meeting.

This same man, might choose to be 60% masculine and 40% feminine when he is with his lover. Knowing that he can be strong, take care of her, but allowing himself to be playful, vulnerable, loving and caring with her as well.

And yet, maybe another man really finds it useful to keep his masculine energy at 30% and his feminine energy at 70% because he is an artist!

There’s no real cookie-cutter formula for this wholeness thing. The truth is only you get to know what serves you best by getting to know your self and being honest about what you truly want to experience in life.

So, if this article made you any curious, I really encourage you to watch my FREE Video Series on ‘Mastering Wholeness Dynamics’ , where this same topic is explained in much more detail and with real life examples.

Oh, and if you liked my post or at least had a little fun while reading it, don’t forget to share it with your buddies! They might not yet know there’s a feminine within them! *wink* 😛

With Love & Respect,

MaLe Corona


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