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The Feminine Call

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Not everything has to be linear, not everything has to be logical, not everything has to be planned. Some things are just meant to be feminine.

It’s a big mistake to think that just because one was born a female she is feminine, or viceversa, assuring that males are inherently masculine isn’t necessarily accurate. Boys and Girls should be taught in school since a very early age that all human beings, disregarding their gender, are influenced by two life forces: the masculine and the feminine. I learned about this at age 30 (just four years ago) and it was way too late to save me from all the suffering I had to go through due to my severe gender issues.

Learning about masculine and feminine energies is the first step to actually recognizing their influence in our daily life. We may shift from one to the other, mostly unconsciously, which leaves us very much adrift. However, when we consciously choose not only to become aware of them, but to decide when and how to use them, that’s where the real juicy sexy dance of life steals the show!

Interesting enough, both genders, men and women, are much more familiar with masculine energy than feminine flow. We’ve been raised in a system that’s much more goal-oriented (masculine) than expression-oriented (feminine). And unfortunately, we’ve been taught to devalue the latter, categorizing self-expression, art, freedom, play and creativity –to name a few qualities of this polarity– as a waste of time, energy and resources.

Feminine energy is the nurturer of the masculine, the muse, the revitalizer, the inspirer, the replenisher. No wonder why most people are so drained, bitter, frustrated, irritable and sick without it these days. And unfortunately, we have learned to make use of unhealthy short-term ‘feminine-like’ substitutes such as addictions, call it alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, etc.

These substances temporarily soothe us by numbing down our true deep unbearable emotions. And such uncomfortable emotions are nothing but a calling from our soul, trying to reconnect us with it. Let’s not forget we’re three-dimensional beings, which means our body (heart & emotions are included here), mind and soul should be connected so as to function as one! And to this day, most people are actually pretty disconnected from each of those parts of themselves.

Around 98% of people only pay attention to their bodies/emotions until they have been diagnosed with a severe illness, they soothe their mental distress with anti-depressants, numbing or excitatory substances, and care about their souls only when they’re about to die or a very close beloved one passes away.

Something is very wrong with the way we’re living life! And the feminine is very pissed at us for that. Oh, God, would I hear her shriek every single night. I first listened to HER four years ago, when I was bold enough to face her existence. I had been running away from HER all my life. Even when having being born a female, I was unconsciously taught she didn’t have any real value, she was not measurable, she was not predictable, she was a drama-queen, and she would never ever lead me to any tangible success in life. So I just chose to shut her down and go all the way into my masculine polarity.

When I finally looked at HER into the eyes, I melted. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I wanted HER to seduce me. I wanted HER to release me from my mental cage, to bring me back into the pleasure of my body, to make me fully human again and, at the same time, to lead me into the realms of the Goddess, where her elixir would heal and restore every tiny broken and forgotten piece of my own divine feminine.

And so did I surrender to her love, her warmth, her passion, her rhythm. She loved me like nobody ever had before. First, she dismantled me completely and then she remodeled me slowly and carefully, kissing every little new detail she carved in me. Up to this day, she never whines at my masculine anymore, all she does is sing. And so they sing, laugh, make love and dance together, till he’s full of her and then she leaves to shriek her shrieks and howl her howls at all those who are still ignoring her.

I wonder if you’re one of them.

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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