Who says Money can’t buy Love?! <3

Did you know that 98% of people are investing 98% of their time in activities that don’t matter because they’re not clear on how to get where they desire to go?

This is happening because most of us have gotten instructions from other people who have never been to where we want to go! (eg. our parents, teachers, society in general). And actually, you might be trying to get to a place nobody has ever been to before, for you are UNIQUE and you are a PIONEER in your own existence!

I’m sure I’ve never been to where you want to go, but I’m also sure that YOU KNOW HOW TO GET THERE, INDEED. Remember, I’m a ‘Transformational Muse’, baby! Let me inspire you to get yourself wherever you most desire to.

And by the way: There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help. We’re actually not meant to become ourselves by ourselves. Human beings are interdependent by nature… *phew*, you can breathe now!

So, you’re Ready, Freddy?

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