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Living with a sense of wholeness is not a final, stagnant state someone one day suddenly achieves and keeps forever. Wholeness is a dynamic process that, as any other discipline, needs to be practiced every single day to maintain a sense of harmony in one’s life.

Both, Men and Women, should work towards accomplishing wholeness because it’s only through the embodiment of our totality as individuals that we can find our true place in the cosmos; therefore, experiencing bliss, a sense of belonging and above all a sense of purpose.

We all have unique gifts to share with humanity and it’s not till we dive deeply into ourselves that we may recognize them and then be able to release them with confidence, creating strong and positive impact in the world.

And even though the path to wholeness is pretty similar despite the gender differences, I want you, as Men, to know that this is a space dedicated to you and your journey because nowadays we have tons of people focusing towards Women’s wellbeing, and that’s ok… however, it’s my core’s calling to honor Men and to offer you the same tools for your personal and collective growth.

Having stated the above, the easiest and fastest way I know how to Master Wholeness Dynamics is to reflect upon who we are, identify our authentic traits and state conscious desires to move forward.

In my following FREE video series I want to share with you some of the basics to get there. It’s not easy, but it’s not so hard either.


<img draggable= What feminine energy is
<img draggable= What masculine energy is
<img draggable= Why it’s important to balance our polarities
<img draggable= How gender issues screwed us up as we grew
<img draggable= Why authenticity is the key to wholeness

<img draggable= Bonus! Learn the importance of play to achieve wholeness and how to start implementing it in your life!

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