​​​​A Quick Guide to Emotional Freedom for Masculine Men

“Your emotional disconnection is not your fault, but it is your responsibility to address it”

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“The Master of his emotions
is the Master of his life”

<3 About the Author

I’m MaLe Corona <3 a Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator and a Male Wholeness Coach.

I love inspiring men to become the best version of themselves. My expertise is on guiding very masculine men who are ready and willing to obtain emotional freedom.

I, myself, was a very masculine woman a few years ago and I had no idea on how to deal with my own emotions. More often than not, I felt very much annoyed when an emotion came up, whether it was mine or someone else’s. I just thought emotions were stupid and useless, and there was no need in having to express them, much less deal with them. So I constantly found myself burying my own emotions with alcohol, lots of work, and superficial relationships. The type of partners I attracted at the time where very emotional and they constantly complained about me not caring about their feelings. I just thought focusing on goals rather than self-expression was the way to success and anything else was a waste of my time and energy. However there was a point where this way of thinking and living became unbearable, I couldn’t find motivation in anything, I felt pissed off all the time, tired, and very very shut down to life in general.

So I started seeking for professional help and the first type of things I was hearing were: “you have to look within yourself”, “you have to listen to yourself”, “you have to reconnect with your body”, and the scariest of all: “you have to master your emotions”.

So there I was, totally disconnected from myself, my body and my emotions, feeling like an absolute moron while trying to relearn such basic things through what for me where very out-of-my-comfort-zone activities such as: yoga, meditation, dancing, art, writing and sharing my feelings with others. Luckily, after a few years, I made it through the awkwardness victoriously and obtained what I didn’t know I was looking for, but what I learned I actually needed more than anything else in the world: the mastery of my emotions.

Funny enough, after healing my own relationship to myself and my emotions I realized I was now attracting very masculine partners who couldn’t connect to their own emotions. I totally got it. Our masculine polarity has been conditioned to not express our feelings, to see vulnerability as a weakness instead of as a strength. So I realized that there’s a lot of help out there for women who like I was before, are too stuck in their masculine polarity, because women have permission and are actually expected to express their emotions. However there’s not a lot of help for masculine men who’re struggling with the same thing and who have the same right to learn how to deal with emotions in a way that empowers them, rather than destroys them.

It’s my calling to lovingly guide very masculine Men towards a more holistic experience of life, if they choose to integrate their emotions as a part of their daily routine. I strongly believe that the master of his emotions is the master of his life.

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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