May 6

Knights were not Emotionally Unavailable

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I have to confess, I have a severe weakness for very masculine Men. They make me feel safe in a delicious way. I love to know that they don’t seem to need me when they go out there to give their gift into the world, but at the same time that they genuinely crave for me to need them to come back to me after they’re done. Oh, Lord is that a sublime game of seduction to play together. But I will tell you something else, those delightful moments of masculine men allowing themselves to be vulnerable and get lost in a woman’s passion are so rare now, that I could almost claim them as endangered from becoming nearly extinct these days.

I wonder what went wrong. Knights were not emotionally unavailable, for despite being very masculine brave men who’d wear their gorgeous armors and go and fight their dangerous battles to fulfill their earthly purpose, they had courageous open hearts as well that longed to be yearned for by their women. They allowed themselves to write romantic replies to their ladies’ passionate letters, they allowed themselves to recite poems, to exclaim their love for their gals, to feed their female souls with chivalry, flattery and ecstasy so that they, as very masculine men, could then drink their lovers’ feminine nectar and replenish their own male spirits. There was a looping reverence going on between the masculine and the feminine. There was a “I water you, you water me and we grow together” kind of dynamic going on. When and how did that get cut off?… I really wonder.

Who was the first moron to say masculine men can’t and shouldn’t express their feelings? I’m. gonna. slay. him. to. death, even is he’s dead already, hah!

It infuriates me, seriously! I see so many amazing men and women these days who’re lonely. Some of the most conscious and self-developed people I know are freaking lonely! And yes, it’s true that there’s nothing wrong with being lonely, that one can truly love and enjoy himself or herself, but in my opinion it’s also true that some of the most beautiful blessings of life come from sharing its experiences, all of them, with a special someone who desires to expand life’s meaning by also sharing his/her world with us.

I wonder what it’ll take to go back to that sacred cycle of love and respect between the masculine and the feminine. I’d honestly do anything for it to happen, but I also understand it’s not something we can manipulate into happening. Real unconditional love is free. One can only truly love when we’re free to do so, and one can only be free when we truly love ourselves and others. This era is a Men & Women liberation movement, indeed. And I whole-heartedly pray for it to happen. I pray for openness, for awareness, for evolution, for expansion, for union, for the creation of a conscious safe space for the transformation to take place. I pray for love.

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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