I’m MaLe Corona, a Male Wholeness Coach.

MaLe Corona

My mission is to inspire and invite men to join the Growth-Oriented Era many women are very engaged in. From my perspective, conscious human evolution is a must, and honestly I wouldn’t like it to lay only on the hands of women, but on the hands of humanity as a whole.

Men and Women are the human race and it’s our job to work together towards the future of the planet, 🌎 because this is our home and the home of our generations to come.

As Germaine Greer said: “The Opposite of Patriarchy is not Matriarchy, but Fraternity.”

I dream of a world where Men and Women 👫💖 lovingly and respectfully come together to become higher beings than the ones we have been able to be by ourselves so far, not only in separation but in opposition.

No more Gender division… Let’s enGender a New World In Union!!!

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

Join us for 5 Days of +20 Evolutionary Talks
illuminating the passage from Gender Issues
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