A path for self-actualization

In such a time as this, there’s a big call for conscious expansion that cannot be ignored by any of the genders.

In recent years, Women have been empowered to not only remain feminine caregivers, but to also integrate their masculine power by becoming purposeful world leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc. Thus, embodying wholeness.

The time has come for Men to reclaim their wholeness as well! 

Our cultural, religious and political systems have constructed a very limited identity for Men as masculine providers and protectors, while depriving them from their feminine energy.

Men have the same right to experience deep love, nurture, intimacy and connection, as women do. Acknowledging this is nothing males should be ashamed of, but grateful for. However, due to our conditioning, it's very counterintuitive for Men to open up and allow themselves to receive the gift of male wholeness.


I'm a very feminine-masculine creature: my life is a tribute to the union between these two life-forces

Men and Women are the human race and it’s our job to work together towards the future of the planet, because this is our home and the home of the generations to come.


I'm so honored to accompany men of heart like them!

"MaLe is a fantastic woman with a golden heart. She understands Men better than many Women. Her feelings towards Men are very much appreciated... Those who read her posts or participate in her programs naturally become her fans."

Moon Chowdhury


"I found you by the Grace of Jesus. Thanks for your guidance MaLe Corona! I even set a wallpaper of you in my cellphone so I get positive vibes always from you!"

Gaurav Gupta


"This project is relevant! Men ought to be appreciative of it. Respect and gratefulness to you, MaLe Corona."

Victhor Mario Flores