​​​​What’s happening to Men in an Era that’s all about Women’s Empowerment?

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❌ Why gender issues discourage women from being pro-male
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My main job as a Male Wholeness Coach is to inspire Men to dive deeply into themselves and reclaim their authentic highest Self. As a result, my clients are able to tap into their truth and identify their real desires, their blocks to success and from there they become able to design plans to make them happen –call it: the job of their dreams, financial freedom, a super deep and juicy romantic relationship with common goals to build a future as partners, high-level parenthood, a backpack tour around the world in 80 days, or even all of that at once!

A common modern issue I have identified in Men all around the world is unfullfillment, which when remaining unconscious is generally expressed in some of the following signs of disconnection from self:

  • Feeling angry, low-energy and unmotivated most of the time
  • Workoholism and/or Isolation
  • Cigarrette addiction and/or Alcoholism (and even if they don’t consider themselves as alcoholics, just the fact that they drink often to escape reality is a symptom)
  • Drug usage (yes, even just smoking pot because it’s “chilling”)
  • Lots and lots of casual dating and/or sex
  • Excessive exposure to pornography and/or obsessing about masturbation
  • Infidelity
  • Spending lots of time playing Video Games, watching Netflix, Youtube, TV or just browsing through social media for hours
  • Compulsive eating

It’s really my desire to see more fulfilled, happy, vibrant Men out there! This world needs YOU!… the REAL YOU! Not the one you were told you had to become in order to be considered a “Real Man” –that guy is only sucking the life out of you!

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