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Days of Union

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I remember having these dreams since I was a child. In them, I saw myself as a beautiful warrior goddess-like woman, riding on a horse. I was in the middle of a battle. A brave warrior god-like man I deeply loved was nearby, fighting too. It was chaos. There was fire all around, many helpless people crying and screaming for mercy, but past all that mountain of collective fear, there was a sense of hope. Those of us, god-like men and god-like women, were the only creatures powerful enough to be determined to win this war because we knew that the prize that was waiting at the end of the battlefield was: the freedom of humanity.

Of course, when I was a child I thought these dreams were only that. Dreams. A by-product of my exquisite creativity mixed with a trailer of all the action movies I had watched on Sunday evenings with my family. But in recent years, I’ve come to understand these dreams for what they truly are. Revelations.

Revelations of the time to come. A new era I like to call ‘Days of Union’. And the only way to get there is through the expansion of our human consciousness till it can merge with our divine consciousness and become one.

There’s an undeniable call for evolution. And seemingly only those of us who are brave enough, determined enough and committed enough to embody our human and divine selves as one, will make it to the end of the tunnel.

And you might be wondering, but, what is at end of the tunnel? What does the freedom of humanity actually stand for?

Well, I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that question precisely, but what I’m certain of is that those of us who have chosen to be pioneers in getting there, are becoming the first prototype of highly evolved human beings and we are starting to be able to express this new level of consciousness in all of the areas of our lives: finances, relationships, careers, health, education, etc.

And as any prototype, there are still many bugs to get rid of, but every single creative process takes it’s time, it’s trial and error, as well as it’s trial and success!

Humanity is still a very young species and all of our historical past has basically been that: a creative process in which we have gathered a lot of knowledge. We’re leaving behind our childhood and teenage years to enter a more mature phase of the species. Nothing is wrong or right, there’s only what works and what doesn’t work given the specific goal one wants to achieve.

So, it’s about time to grow up and start to build ourselves up as the men and women we want to become in the future as a species –just as we do during our young adult years, when we start to reflect upon what career we want to undertake, consider if we see ourselves married in the future or not, etc. These questions give us direction and pave the beginning of the way to start heading towards those goals.

Sourcing answers from the future into the present is actually the easiest method to get where one wants to get to. So I guess nobody likes to actually envision the future of humanity as the end of the world, or the inevitable zombie invasion, right? If we get serious about it, most of us will envision humanity in harmony, for that is what our hearts truly desire!

And the only way to reach harmony is through evolving into creatures who specialize in living in harmony.

The word HARMONY comes from the Greek ‘harmos’ and the Latin ‘harmonia’, both meaning ‘JOINING’. Hence, suggesting that a state of union gives us a sense of peace, joy, love, wellbeing, etc.

For the former reason, I consider that the main characteristic that defines highly evolved human beings is their capacity to see the whole picture (union), where less evolved human beings would only see division or pieces (separation).

Actually, many religious and spiritual doctrines talk about this union/separation phenomenon. Many of them agreeing that to reach a state of bliss one must train the mind and heart to co-exist in union and this will then project into experiencing a unified world, while suffering comes from our sense of separation from God, from others, from ourselves, etc.

Think about it, human beings tend to separate it all… We have categories for everything: gender, race, age, nationality, color, size, you name it! And this has served the purpose of learning about the world. However it has created a sense of separation according to our system of classification of choice: same and different.

Fortunately, in my experience, the more whole one becomes, the more one gets to realize differences are not opposing polarities –differences actually represent variety in the configuration of one single thing! So for instance, being a woman or being a man are two gender variations in the configuration of human beings. Being a straight man, a gay man, a transgender man, etc., are sexual identity variations in the configuration of a man, just as being a chihuahua, a labrador or a cocker spaniel are only breed variations in the configuration of a dog!

Focusing on differences as ‘opposition‘ creates separation, while looking at differences as ‘variety‘ fosters a sense of union and wholeness. We’re all unique, each one of us displays a very original set of variations in our physique, character, gender, race, preferences, etc. that makes us who we are, and together we represent the creative variations in the configuration of humanity.

Therefore, another very important characteristic of highly evolved human beings is that they honor it all, because they understand that all of the variations are not separate from themselves. They’re all part of the whole, they’re actually one. Wow! So for instance, highly evolved women honor men, just as highly evolved men honor women, because each of them has the capacity to see how the other is also a part of them in the big picture of the cosmos.

I truly sense these ‘Days of Union’ are here already, slowly changing the landscape, just like it happens the first days of spring. We might still see some snow, frozen grass, and flowerless branches. But we also know, that in a few more weeks every plant and tree will start to blossom, again.

Surrender to this new season. Allow yourself to gradually and lovingly embody the heart and mind of a highly evolved human being. Allow the force of evolution to take care of your transformation. Let it happen without resistance, it will be worth it.

And so it shall be.

With Love & Respect,

MaLe Corona <3

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