July 29

Blessed be, dear Men

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Blessed be, dear Men; we’re ready to wag our white flag. After so many years of useless silent people pleasing, cumulative resentment, and recent times of nonsense out loud hatred, we’re done. Healed women are done.

We do not wish to turn into our victimized mothers or our wounded female ancestors, just as much as we won’t put up with our husbands becoming their angry fathers or their damaged male predecessors. Our declaration of peace requires Men’s will to break generational curses along with us.

The time is now. Our individual growth has reached enough momentum for communion. You and us, Men and Women together, we understand that humanity is not to blame for our separation, but to be firmly loved with compassion, and lovingly be made accountable for the lessons it came to learn while being so immature.

My dearest Men, we know you’re tired too. We know you dream of exquisite union, sublime harmony, fiery passion and sweet intimacy among us, as much as we do.

These are exciting times for both genders. We’re in a transition period from innocence to consciousness. From war between patriarchy and women’s empowerment, into the new era of relational life —the consolidation of Peace on Earth, which is only attainable if we all continue to make the first move towards fraternity between the sexes.

Blessed be, dear Men; when we bless you, we bless the world.

May you bless us back.

With love & respect,
MaLe Corona <3

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