​​​​Hi!, I’m MaLe Corona <3

I enjoy keeping myself a Mystery, but this time I’ll be good to you and reveal a little bit about me! *wink* <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />

I’m a WILD Spirit! I’m all about adventure and exploring the unknown. Devoted belly dancer, love practitioner, transformational muse and definitely a day-to-day improvised poet of life! Nature is my habitat and Evolution is my highest purpose. <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />

Long story short: I grew up in a context that was almost all about women— three sisters, all-girl catholic school, lesbian till the age of 24, not to forget I was born in an era where everything’s about women’s liberation and/or empowerment. <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /> And to contrast that enough, I was raised in a country where “Machismo” is still an up-to-date relationship model of choice.

So frankly, a few years ago I didn’t give a single damn about men, not to mention I was sure ‘I hated them’; and just to add up, as every other average gal, I have very serious ‘Daddy Issues’…. which to be honest, I now consider as a blessing in disguise.

Our deepest wound is usually our greatest gift…. and to me it’s been. <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /> After so many years of mistakenly feeling fear and resentment against the male part of the species, I decided to open up and actually get to know who Men truly are. As a result, I can now heart-openly say I LOVE & RESPECT MEN! And so, I’ve taken on as my mission to inspire them to actually feel included, as well as to participate in this “apparently it’s-all-about-women” age and to openly share their true gifts with humanity, <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /> because YOU matter and this planet really really needs YOU, guys!

As Germaine Greer said: “The Opposite of Patriarchy is not Matriarchy, but Fraternity.”

I dream of a world where Men and Women <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /> lovingly and respectfully come together to become higher beings than the ones we have been able to be by ourselves so far, not only in separation but in opposition.

Men and Women are the human race and it’s our job to work together towards the future of the planet, <img decoding=” /> because this is our home and the home of our generations to come.

Plus, let’s be honest…. Men and Women can actually have some fun when they come together, right? <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />The truth is we were created to be teammates, not opponents…. to love, respect and empower each other. We’re complimentary, not opposites!

And according to my sense of it, some of the main reasons why not many men have joined this growth-oriented era are: <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />

<img decoding=” /> Men, as a collective, have not been invited in a loving and conscious way.

<img decoding=” /> Women, as a collective, have made the supposition (judgement) that Men don’t and won’t give a damn (given a popular prejudice towards them not having feelings or emotions)

<img decoding=” /> Women, as a collective, have not been sensitive enough to understand that if many Men aren’t expressing their wish to participate, is merely because in general, they have NOT being encouraged by society to express their feelings or desires.

So, whether the former is accurate or not, my calling right now is to create a safe, comfortable and why not, even a sexy space for men to express themselves in relation to this topic. <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />

Let’s dive in deep, my dears. The days of having to remain silent are past behind, there’s nothing more exquisite than a man who can open his yummy male heart <img decoding=” /> and share his depth on what truly matters!

No more Gender separation… Let’s enGender a New World In Union!!!

With Love & Respect,

MaLe Corona <img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />
Male Wholeness Coach


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